2015 Swimwear trends

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Tank Top

tank top

This is one of the new proposals by 2015. This is the top of your bikini top cross pretend to be a baggy , with a tighter internal part. It is a super different option worth trying.

Cross Top

top cruzado

Top with the bottom cross is fashioned on the beaches and pools, 2015. Find them of diverse printed or plain, and converts these basic parts, because they are really comfortable and nothing extravagant .


Halter Bikini

bikini cuello halter

This trend is increasingly on the runways and collections of 2015. While it is not ideal for sunbathing, neck halter (or turtleneck ) is a style that looks good and will surely be popular in all beaches around the world .


One Piece Swimsuit


Say goodbye to the idea that you can only look sexy in a bikini. The whole bathing suits are here to stay. If you are the type who loves tanning may not be favorite choice but we assure you that is super aesthetics and flattering option.

Swimsuits One Piece have again become the rage in fashion and not just to hide the tummy, as women with privileged bodies are also using this model swimsuit. They are going to be the most striking designs, textures and prints, to desaburrir summer.



The high-cut bikinis are a trend that since last year has crept slowly. This trend is a normal bikini with the difference that the bottom is wider and reaches the waist. If you do not feel comfortable with the abdominal area, this model will make you feel much safer. In addition it is super stylish.

If you like vintage style, you can not help but choose this model for your swimsuit 2015. find the different patterns, for surely this type of cut will trend in summer, although it is not ideal for sunbathing because high waist is used.


Fringed Bikini

Since 2014 we have seen how the fringe and crochet embroidery types appearing everywhere. This summer swimsuits 2015 were characterized by incorporating this trend.


Colorful Bikini

Forget swimsuits in neutral or muted colors. This 2015 the beaches are filled with interesting contrasts of color. On the one hand we see a lot of cake but also electric and super bright colors.


Animal Print

Combine patterns is a must trend in 2015 and swimsuits are not left out. Parts with 3D printed with animal print designs florarles and will be the favorites for this year, but you can find up of buildings and entire cities.





Color harmony will consist of neutral colors, where black and white with blue and cobalt will be protagonists. Shimmery tones such as silver, gold and bronze will be responsible to give that futuristic feel and luxurious swimsuits.


Bikinis that will be using this concept:

  • Thong panties that complement type with short tops with long sleeves, in glossy pre-dyed fabrics .
  • Tops with cuts and color contrasts.
  • High panties marking the waist and lower legs remain important. The contrasts and cuts enhance the silhouette.
  • The one-piece suits with lower legs and contrasting bias return.
  • Designs with geometric shapes achieved by mixing materials preparation and games that give optical illusions .
  • Suits one or two pieces together on the front or sides, giving new ways to trikinis .
  • Tops with mixtures of textures, transparencies where the fuse with laser cuts. Tickets and deep armholes and turtlenecks. Panties up to her waist and legs are lower.
  • One-piece suits with a variety of silhouettes : athletic high necklines and deep armholes, integral deep V -shaped necklines , waists marked by wide belts and metal ties and lower legs.


Tribal Trends

The different tribes and ethnic groups of the world continue to inspire the world of swimwear taking as references, textures, color, fabrics and handcrafted details. Color harmony is enriched with toast shades inspired by African tribes, colors like orange, red ocher and give strength for printing, which is embodied in neutral tones.

The metallic touch is the strong accent colors like gold, silver and copper. Which will be used using this concept: - The bikinis continue as silhouette again, where triangular upper garments are decorated with small ruffles and boleros.

  • Trikinis strapless silhouette with gathered in the center of the neckline and ties in contrasting color on the sides of the bottom.
  • One-piece dresses with necklines that give crossed enveloping shapes.
  • Tops strapless with centers collected and decorated with ironwork and ornamental elements. The panties are inspired by retro 50s silhouettes: waistbands low and above the waist legs.
  • The trikinis evolve in their shapes, find centers asymmetric cuts and necklines, legs in some cases are high and deep, ties and wrap silhouette contrasts are games and textiles.
  • Tops with new silhouettes and sconces in plastic materials that wrap the body.
  • Suits one piece in blocks and cut leather that bind through cords.
  • Type silhouettes embroidered bikinis and apply panes.
  • Tops with triangular silhouette with contrasting biases and textile laser drilling.
  • Multicolored contrasting biases and applied to printed textiles.

Sea World Trends

Color harmony is energetic, lively and bright, where the coral, red and ocher are key to illuminate the printing, leaving aside the blues are the protagonists of this concept.

Bikinis that will be using this concept:

  • Clothing one-piece, high necklines and long sleeves, textiles with digital prints on grounds of marine flora, complemented by tucked into transparent textiles.
  • Silhouettes of lower legs and surround necklines opening in the bottom of the bust, giving the feeling of being two-piece suits. - Tops to the waist and long sleeves with embroidery and transparencies that are complemented by type thong panties.
  • One-piece suits with athletic armholes and draped necklines.
  • The silhouette swimsuits are renewed by body type sleeves, which become the center of attention, which can be long and short, with volume and movement.
  • Strapless tops with sleeves in light and silky fabrics.
  • Top with wide straps and organic forms.
  • Crop tops (short tops) with armholes tickets, turtlenecks and close to the center, coordinated with panties bikini type.
  • The silhouettes show evolution in the tops, which are varied necklines, the rods in the glasses are made of the inner world, as well as bustiers.
  • The mix of fabrics is present: ultra light and flowing scenery in ruches and boleros fabrics, giving volume and movement to the upper and lower garments.
  • Ties that wrap the body or that are suspended on the clothes.
  • Panties with high waists.

Paradise Style

Go and explore magical, exotic, natural and wild places we have in the world, it is a continuous inspiration that leads not only to design collections, if not oncientizar humanity by caring for the environment and enjoy fun and responsible way, to remain intact.

The color chart is inspired by nature and wild greens; neutral shades such as wood and bark serve as funds for animal fur prints and exotic flowers in shades such as brick, ocher and crimson. The accents will be in charge of metallic.

Bikinis that will be using this concept:

  • Clothing a digital printed piece with opening in the center, rolled sleeves and high neckline.
  • Strapless silhouettes with ruffles and panties high waist belt marked.
  • Panties above the high waist with cuts and tucks that shape shell.
  • One-piece suits simple silhouette enriched by digital printing that plasma organic motifs.
  • Type bandeau silhouettes with panties high waist and legs.
  • The blended fabrics are present in this concept, networks or open mesh fabrics are mixed with organic patterns applied to retro silhouettes.
  • The upper garments are inspired bustier bras kind of intimate world where the rods and molded cups are present.
  • The one-piece suits are enriched by actors prints in simple and traditional silhouettes with high and low legs and not very deep round necklines. The novelty is marked by long sleeve wetsuit type

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