History institute


Some entrepreneur in Jalisco agreed that in order to move way the young men from drugs and delinquent acts and get their interest to be better was to give them a good education.


Having as a result that the best places to have the Institutes were you have young leaders that cannot complete their studies due the poverty and that are only waiting for the guide of discipline to develop and succees and then this project started.


In 2004, we starts some activities with the first generation in first and second grade of middle school all for young men and in the morning shift, this program took place first in the district Liebres in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.


Due to the positive changes seen with the young men the community ask us to start the afternoon shift for young women and in the year 2007 we started the cycle also with first and second grades of middle school during the afternoon shifts.


That same year due to another application directed to LISI requesting to copy LISI institute in the Municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, we started our second Generation also in the morning shifts and then it was complemented with the afternoon shift for young woman.


Until the year 2010 we finally achieve to obtain recourses to build the installations of the middle and high school and in the year 2013, we graduated the first generation that completed their studies of middle and high school at LISI.


We opened the Ahualulco de Mercado facilities for the school cycle of 2014-2015 which was mixed for young man and women.


We started the project in Mexico City - Ixtapalapa.