Guide to travel like a local

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Learn to travel as local and discover all the amazing wonders 

First things first , there is a big difference between being a tourist and a traveler and for this we must understand the difference. A tourist is someone who travels to the most fun , visit historical sites , museums and as many possible landscapes . Or just looking for a hotel where they can relax and spend your holidays . A traveler unlike the first seeks to integrate into the local culture , to standardize their behavior and learn as much as possible of the place you are visiting , that is, they try to immerse yourself in local culture in order to create a travel experience that not only fun but also make them grow.

Having said that we can move to the part where you prepare to become a seasoned traveler.


Traveling like a local is more than just a trend

viajero local

Many believe that traveling like a local is just a trend but going beyond that, travelers existed for a long time before. What happens is that now the Internet and the way we communicate has changed the way we share our travels. This allows many of our friends to get to know this form of travel and engage with this style of travel through our journeys.

It is said that the best way to travel is accompanied by a local or someone who was born there. They are people who know stories, unique data and tips of the city or town you are visiting.

Imagine walking Puerto Vallarta and its small and folk restaurants in the city downtown, swim in natural cenotes in the Mayan Riviera with a local, a camel ride or buggy on the impressive dunes in the desert of Cabo San Lucas or even enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun and all its incredible night  life, the locals will show the least crowded places but that does not cease to be impressive for any traveler.


Tips to be prepared and learn to travel like a true local

1.-Talk with the local people

viajero hablando con locales

The first step and one of the most important to your arrival is to talk to the locals. You can talk to almost anyone with whom you find in the street, shops, restaurants, taxis , ask them to go, to eat, to restaurants or visit their favorite places in the city . This way you can also learn a little about the history of the place , the elderly fascinate them get aware of it and you'll pass another topic of conversation for the rest of the trip as you're among locals.

Do not just go from place to place and smile at everyone you encounter, smiling is not bad but probably the locals are interested in your story like your are interested in theirs.

2.- Visit the local market

mercado local

Something you should do and what you can not miss is a visit to the local market . Here you can enjoy the food, the people , typical dishes of the region that you will not find in the tourist restaurants plus of course a good talk with the locals who are probably more than happy to help you to plan your trip.

Generally local markets also have food and crafts, typical clothing of the region, this could be a good place to buy souvenirs for those friends who love other cultures around the world.

3.- The shopping day must be at the end of your trip

viajeras realizando compras

As far as possible and if you wish to stop shopping do it at the end of the trip as it will not be comfortable walking around with a world of things behind your back. Also remember that a good part of travel is knowing how to manage your resources well and invest your money wisely and you will need to walk around and visit different shops first to compare.

Of course there are places farl away from where you stay and we understand that this situation will be more than worth shopping and will save time by not having to return . The most important thing is to walk relaxed and with the best attitude in mind as long as you are enjoying your holiday, we do not want you to drop the towel the first day of travel for doing too much shopping . (Although if you are shopaholic other travel rules apply haha! )


4.-Move like the locals do

transporte local

Investigate which is the preferred mode of transportation for local and venture to use it, though with proper precautions. Consult with the staff of your hotel if it is safe, costs and how to get to different points of interest on your travel list.

The subway it is generally the preferred option although in this case is often very monotonous and boring, investigate other means to move around, perhaps a taxi-bikes. In beach destinations usually is the bus service which depending on the city can be quite an adventure  very low cost is used.

The best way to know a place and always teleport the distances are not marathon is walking because it allows you to explore in detail the city and also have a little vacation adventure, though as with the consultation with local transport and local staff of your hotel areas can become safe for this activity.

5.- Blend with the locals

comiendo con locales

One of the best ways to know a place is to socialize a bit with local and for this we must be mixed with the culture and people. If you do not have offered local hang out with them because your charming personality and have you not expect the initiative. Obviously take your precautions and do not go around with anyone you know, if you had a previous encounter with someone in the city or town you visit and you made a good impression cheer and invite him to have a beer in your hotel or at know any restaurant that you have on your list. Now if the locals are who take the initiative and invite you to walk around the place, much better!

You'll never forget the experience of sharing a meal with locals in their homes plus you'll learn about the customs of each place you visit. Usually local visit organized by having the best parties and dinners to impress guests besides you never charged a weight since you will be the guest of honor of the evening, of course it never hurts to be polite to offer your help.

6.- Ask, Ask, Ask...

turista preguntando

An effective way to learn about a destination is to ask, ask and ask about everything you see. Remember that the best qualified to answer your questions about culture, history and places to visit in a destination are local people because they take longer there and know the place from top to bottom .

One important thing to understand is that to ask questions about the culture you have to be very respectful and listen to the answer without making a judgment that might offend locals, remember that they are making you a favor and help you learn and how good custom always respect the traditions of the places we visited . This last point is really a must for all seasoned traveler .

7.- Be yourself

turista autentico

An essential part of life is being yourself wherever you go , remember that even if you absorb some local culture that does not make you one. Enjoy their customs but always be yourself believe us when we say that the locals are going to appreciate , we all love a person who is shown as it is and especially enjoys sharing with us their ideas and way of being.


8.-Eyes alert to brochures, posters and ads on the walls

poster en paredes

No matter where we find we always have to be alert all the publicity in the places we visit because this way we can find out about local events, plays and restaurants and festivals that you must visit while you are traveling. So you know wherever you are alert eyes and enjoy the ride.

9.- Get Lost

viajero perdido

A very important tip that seems crazy is to get lost in a city. The losing not only force you to go places you would not normally visitarías but also help you to feel free . We've all ever been on one of those trips where everything is square and totally planned and the truth for a good traveler that's totally boring. Exit the hotel and start walking in any direction and you will see that at the end of your holiday appreciate having taken this advice.

10.-Enjoy your vacations

viajero relajado en la playa

Finally remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the journey , you need not run around from one place to another just to squeeze as much as possible of the trip. A good traveler enjoy the moment and what we can learn . Nothing like relax and stop thinking about everything we are living during a trip . It is better to tell a story of few places but rich in context a thousand little stories of monuments and parks that you can find in any book or website.


Remember that you too can become an expert travel and surprise and strangers in your next adventure to whatever the destination you choose.

Travelling used to set the imagination to reality , and to see things as they are instead of thinking how they will be " . - Samuel Johnson


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