Accessories to wear on the beach

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Beach holidays are the perfect excuse to wear those clothes that do not normally use in your day to day, to free and show a little more skin . Of course, if you want to look super good you have to complement these garments with accessories that combine perfectly with your outfit and you can use on the beach. Here we share the accessories you can wear and combine with any look while you're enjoying the beach :


sombrero de playa

A hat is an accessory that not only will serve to protect from the sun but also to style your look, so if you go to the beach you must take at least one that complements you. You can choose from different styles and colors and find the one that's most comfortable and attractive. There are many models but the trend is towards wide-brimmed hats that will bring a more elegant look, and type or Panama fedora hats that will make you look more casual and youthful if you combine them with the clothes suitable as a short and crop top.

As for the most popular colors are neutrals like beige, white or blue with colored or ornaments also find combined colors in stripes if you want a little more bold and vibrant look. As for textures no facts raffia, lightweight fabrics with flowers or bows. When choosing the perfect hat for you I choose it according to your face type, or to match your bag to look your best.

Beach Bag

bolsa de playa

The beach bags are in trend this season and it is best that this trend focuses on comfort and space bag , bigger is better . You'll find them in different styles and textures as colorful raffia or nautical theme , with the handles or leather and the small details in braided rope .

In perforated leather bags have also been included in the outlines of the most famous designers. A bag like this not only help you look great on the beach giving a touch of style to your look but also will be very convenient and comfortable to carry everything you need.

When choosing your beach bag lean one colorful and fun that makes you look radiant and fresh .


sandalias de playa

This season the trend of sandals for the beach will be low , full of style and modern designs. The most wanted are extremely open sandals , with one belt that runs from the toes to the top of the instep and around the ankle joins with a fine and delicate bracelet .

Sandals with two straps , the famous flip- flops remain strong, but now made ​​more sumptuous materials like leather in different textures , details, both color, as with metal fixtures , and raffia .

You can also choose sandals with multiple straps , parallel or cross to complement your outfit beach , either out of day or night . The colors that are being used are strong, bold and summery like yellow , coral and turquoise . Metallic colors will be the order of the day and will be the perfect combination with the tan that you worked so hard to achieve.


lentes de sol

Sunglasses can not miss on a beach look, protect your eyes from damage from sunlight, and also give you a more stylish look and help to see more attractive. The trends in these glasses are basically in terms of structure: the glamor of the "cat's eyes", the return of round glasses, classic style "Wayfarer" and aviator.

The moderately thick frame of the "cat's eyes" allows you to play with the materials and colors. You can see the different colors, but the most attract attention this season will be in honey tones, gold and green, plus pastels. It can not be ignored any neon accent, but we must handle it with some subtlety. The style "Wayfarer" are a trend in all its colors.

In the case of round glasses come with colored glass, or black-framed color. The aviator sun glasses give you a more relaxed look and combined with all kinds of garments so that you can use in any occasion during the day. If you want a more urban style can combine them with a cap and shorts.



The sarong is the perfect complement to wear to the beach. It can be used in many ways as you want to achieve, you can use from as a dress or skirt if you're going out for a walk or even to sit in the sand and read a book. During this season the tribal prints are the governing as well as stamped with flowers.

You're going to find various materials like chiffon or silk, and different as floral prints and tropical designs, hand-painted with oriental designs, with golden hues or silver, with animal print, pastel, white, blue, fuchsia or shades of ocher, brown or green moss. As the pareo is a very versatile accessory the different ways you can use on your swimsuit as a mini dress, around your waist creating the illusion of a maxi skirt or over your shoulders for warmth while watching the sunset.

You can also use it on your head for protection from the sun, enveloping completely turban-like or like a hair band. We suggest you choose one with a colorful and cheerful design, so that you combine your purse or your hat. If you're going to put some plain dress can wear a sarong with print to contrast with the colors.

Beach Bracelets

pulsera de playa

A large cuff bracelet or is an accessory that will give a touch of elegance and perfect to complement your swimsuit . If you're going out at night it will also help you look good and will give a formal air that you need to go to a restaurant or an event on the beach.

We recommend not to get more than necessary because it will give the opposite effect making you look extravagant , either you use a whole other great accessories such as rings or necklaces , to avoid saturating your image.

Beach Earings

aretes de playa

If you do not like to bring things into his hands , the option for you may be the earrings. Choose one with marine details to contrast with the landscape and the theme of the beach.

Try to make your earrings are not too heavy or expensive materials , preferably uses simple things and combine them with your outfit of the day. If you want to show off when you 're wearing your bikini just remember to keep them in your bag before you get to the sea or pool .


collar de playa

Necklaces are very fashionable this season, and if you're on the beach are the perfect accessory to look different and stand out from the crowd. You can use them while you 're wearing your bikini, if it is monochromatic try hang more than one.

Depending on the type of neckline that you take is the necklace that you use , for example if you wear a low neckline uses short with big ornaments necklace to highlight the part of your neck , however if your neckline is V-shaped wearing a necklace long with small ornaments .


tobillera de playa

A trend that is strong this season 's wear bracelets on their feet , which are connected with a ring on one of your fingers . This accessory can take it to complement your bathing suit and is ideal if you are spending all day walking along the beach or relaxing in the sand soaking up some sun.

Hair Accesories

diadema de cabello

On the beach it is very common that the wind makes the rounds uncombed you a little, but wearing the right accessories for your hair no longer have to worry about your hair look longer. You can use headbands , garters and clips day and more sophisticated as flowers, ornaments combs or night. Use hair bands when there is much breeze or after entering the water, so you'll keep your hair under control and not esponjará by humidity.

Waterproof watch

reloj contra el agua

A watch that is waterproof is an accessory that can take to the beach to be always ready and on time every time. Choose one of neon and rubber that is being fashionable . It will also serve to measure the exposure time in the sun, remember to not exederte to avoid damaging your skin.

Foto and Video

camara pequeña go pro

The camera is an accessory that is a must for a trip to the beach. With it you can save you spend incredible moments and relive them whenever you want . Best to get a small camera that can take you where you want, look for one that has video recording quality and easy handling.


musica en la playa

If you want to listen to your favorite music while you bask not forget to bring your personal music player , to enjoy good music while achieving a perfect tan or just relax you.


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